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Story Line

Not familiar with The Hallow Life’s story?  We’ve got you covered.

The Hallow Life Story Line

Anarai was just your everyday, average kid. Orphaned, he took care of his younger sister Mesereiin a village where they weren’t particularly liked. One day, Meserei was accused of theft. She faced a severe punishment that Anarai took in her place. The villagers didn’t really care who they punished since neither of the kids were really liked. The two kids didn’t know why they were hated, didn’t know the truth about who their parents were or how they died – to them, this was just the way things were.

Afterward, the two siblings were exiled out to the outskirts of town. They came upon a broken down, shabby hut. With a little work, they made it livable. For a while, it seemed like the two siblings had finally found peace, separated from the village that disgraced them. But, peace can’t last forever. Anarai was fetching water from a nearby river one day when Meserei was approached by a strange man. This man spoke of strange tales, of seven crystals and the one to bring balance. He said in order for that balance to come, she had to follow him. The power he offered was tempting but Meserei refused to go. She was kidnapped by this mysterious man and the two vanished from sight.

When Anarai came back home, he found his sister missing. At the same time, sky darkened and trembled. Day turned to night as ash filled the skies and blocked out the sun. In a desperate attempt to find his sister, Anarai returned to the village that cast him out, only to find the once vibrant community in ruins. In their anger, the villagers accused him of having something to do with the sudden events. Swept up in the confusion, a mob formed and Anarai was forced to flee. While he was running, he was pulled aside from the mob, into the secret room hidden inside an old tree by a wizard named Haiku.

Haiku explained why the village holds the grudge against Anarai and his sister. According to this old wizard, Anarai’s parents didn’t die of old age as he and his sister were led to believe – they were assassinated. The reasons why weren’t clearly known, but it was suspected that it had to do with their family’s lineage, which could be traced back to Kai and Hatsu, two incredibly powerful sages. The powers from these two sages have been passed through the ages to the current, seventh generation – Anarai and his sister. And if Meserei was kidnapped, it would probably be for those powers

Anarai has no idea how the destruction of the village and his sister’s disappearances are linked. Haiku only said that they are linked somehow…and in order to see his sister alive, he must find the answer. All the answers are out there, Haiku said, if Anarai only knew where to look. And so began the journey to find the truth behind his parents’ death, the journey to find answers that Haiku couldn’t answer… and, ultimately, the journey to find Meserei.


Play through 3-D maps that make you feel as though you are in the world itself. Defeat enemies and learn magic. Play through dungeons and mazes and learn secrets of the trade. Meet new people, make new friends. Learn the ways of many tribes and classes. Level up and grow. Evolve and become…the hero once told of in legends. A hero thought of as nothing more than a mere myth.

Can you save your sister? And save the world from turmoil?