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Races & Kingdoms


Humans: Dominant species. Cultured and sentient, they are more industrialized and technologically advanced than the other races. Humans are the ones who govern the kingdom of Acheron. They once ruled the kingdom of Lhesanta but they were overrun by the powerful dark lord’s army and followers and forced to make a new home elsewhere. They are peaceful by nature, but they also have a long history of war between themselves, or other kingdoms for “justified” causes. They have limited magical powers and few special attributes, but their high intelligence and cunning makes up for the loss. As a result, there are several weapons masters that specialize in some rare and dangerous weapons specifically for the human race.

Drahugans: There was an ancient law, a taboo that states that humans and dragons may not breed together. However, as the saying goes, all rules were meant to be broken. Drahugans were the result of humans and dragons who broke the taboo, the hybrid children of human and dragon parents. They are now outcasts among both of their races. However, outcast they may be, they are the rulers and the ones who govern over the kingdom of Archolite. They are a greedy race who have mountains of treasure at their feet from what they stolen or sold. Because of their dual-breed nature, Drahugans have the powers of both races. A pure-blooded dragon can take on a humanoid form with the proper training; while the half-blooded Drahugans cannot take the form of a dragon. Drahugans have both the high intelligence and cunning of the human, and the powerful eyesight of the dragon. As a result, they make for a dangerous opponent in combat, with the best eye sight in all of Animoria, perfect for long distance attacks or guards. When a Drahugan is of high enough power, they can also summon wings, with which they can fly.

Fairies: One of the oldest races in Animoria, Fairies are highly attuned to nature and magic. They are trained in the ancient art of healing, and because of their natural ability for it, they are widely known for and sought out for their healing abilities in their kingdom of Titalla. Peaceful by nature, Fairies generally refrain from fighting and warfare. But when they need to fight, they make for deadly opponents. Their ability to fly, combined with their mastery of the bow and arrow, make for a dangerous combination. In general, however, they dedicate their time to healing and learning ancient magic otherwise forgotten by other races. In terms of elemental abilities, they have a natural ability with wind and water, and they use those elements to their advantage in terms of agriculture. The land that they rule over is very fertile, with beautiful waterfalls and rivers running through vibrant forests. They take what they need from the forest and are sure to give back, always in reverence of nature.

Asyrians: Like Drahugans, Asyrians are a hybrid species of human and animal. This was not the cause of a broken taboo, however, but of a civilization that spent several hundred years isolated underground in their kingdom of Hattorion. As a result, Asyrians are a proud race that does not outcast or discriminate their brothers. They are fiercely loyal to their own kind, but merciless to outsiders, who they feel threaten their peaceful and isolated way of life. The merciless attitude towards outsiders comes from the discrimination they face above ground by those who do not understand their way of life. Rather than trying to fix the problems with those who are different, however, most Asyrians just go further into isolation or stay within the company of their own race. Physically, they are the strongest of all races, and although they are part human, they rely more on wild instinct than the intellect given from their human half. Because of their great strength, they do not rely heavily on weapons, but rather on what they have as natural weapons, such as their own claws or fangs. The most common animal-human hybrids include lions, bears, gorillas and foxes, although there may be more out there than first thought.


Ascheron is the kingdom of Humans. It is a beautiful and wondrous land of mountains, hills and forests that stretch far beyond than the eye can see. These beautiful lands in which the Humans govern is a peaceful nation except in times of war, which are continuous throughout the land.

Archolite is the kingdom of Drahugans. It is a very mountainous and rocky region with unstable cliffs. These lands stretch from the corners of Archolite’s island to their mainland. These lands, governed by the Drahugans, are filled with men who are greedy and lawless. A place where ruffians and rogues are most fit to live.

Titalla is the kingdom of Fairies. It has the most beautiful forest imaginable. Truly, a place befitting of its nickname, the kingdom of fantasies and dreams. The fairies who govern these lands are kind and gentle. All who come are welcomed with open arms.

Hattorion is the kingdom of Asyrians. It is a place full of caves and tunnels. Their city is mostly underground, but above ground as well. Only those who have a certain mark or seal on them may proceed to the underground part of the city. The Asyrians who govern over Hattorion are merciless and unforgiving but well protected with their might and power.

Lhesanta was once a kingdom for humans. However the kingdom was overrun and conquered by the Dark Lord, for his resurrection. It is a dark, murky and a cursed place now. Only the darkest of souls or the evilest of men can withstand the sheer terror and the smell of death that surrounds that dead city like a wet veil. The Dark Lord who rules over it is even more ruthless and merciless than the Asyrians. He is defied by no one, and kills at a moment’s whim. This is a city protected by slaves and beasts from the depths of the dark abyss that the Dark Lord arose from.