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The Hallow Life is an MMORPG in development. Since the original forums went online in 2009, THL has seen a 2D multiplayer server and a 3D demo.

About The Hallow Life (the game)

The Hallow Life started as an idea by lead developer and creator Viral Dragon when he was twelve. By the time he was fourteen, he had begun to make a 2D version of the game, using an engine made in C++, although he later turned to the Eclipse Engine, and later Unity. Because of the small team, progress may be slow, but this idea that started from a dream is still active.

Please keep in mind that the team of people working on the game is, at maximum, two or three, who also have family, work, school and other daily obligations. Development will not be as fast as other indie game teams. If you would like to help, please contact us.

About The Hallow Life Forums

The Hallow Life forums that most past and present users are familiar with was created in 2009. It has seen its fair share of activity and has been a platform for members to meet outside of the internet. This includes Viral Dragon and website co-owner iceybunneh, whose real-life meeting in 2010 did stall some of the activity on the forums and on the overall project. With the induction of the official homepage (an idea that had been in the works, but never implemented since 2009 or so), The Hallow Life is looking to get back on its feet in terms of forum activity and game development.